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Tell us what you need. We are experts in selling and letting properties, tenancy management, and property searching. We have complete services for letting, selling, buying and renting. You’ll feel right at home with us.

Let Your Property

We see to it that you will profit from excellent letting. We are experts in marketing and managing properties for rent.

Sell Your Property

We are expert property marketers. If you are selling your property, we will help you finish your sale quickly and smoothly.

Rent To Rent Investment

Maximise your property for income. We will ensure that you will have convenient returns with zero hassle.

Property Maintenance Services

We are a one-stop-shop for property maintenance services. We fix and raise the bar for safety and comfort.

Landlord Eviction Services

With our services, you no longer have to be troubled in dealing with difficult tenants. We will do all the work for you.

Property Management Services

Our experts are ready to help you manage your property. We ensure that it is in excellent condition for any purpose

Having a Hard Time Finding the Right Buyer?
Our team of property marketer and match making specialists will do the job for you. Thousands of people trust our expertise in providing excellent returns for sellers and livable, worthy homes for buyers. We are the No.1 trusted real estate company in Birmingham, Sandwell and Wolverhampton and we can sell your property to the right person, for the right price.
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Knowing Your Home is in Good Hands

Our working process

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Appraisal and Advice

We will appraise and evaluate every property and assist in preparing it to be worthy of an excellent sale. Just send us your details.

Research & Concept

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Hassle-Free Marketing

When you hire our agency, we will do everything necessary for you to complete your property sale. All you need to do is contact us.

Complete Representation

We will do all the business between you and your buyer. All you have to do is register your property with us, and we’ll do the sale

Sellers Trust Us

Our property catalogue has a comprehensive range of properties which is testament to the myriad of owners who trust our effective property marketing and matching. If you have a property for sale, then we can help you.

Property For Sale?

We Do It Fast!

We work fast! We have experts deployed in our local offices where buyers can find your sale in their property search. We appraise, market, match, and do the selling for you.


Recognised by the best

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We Make Things Easy

You can trust us to do everything. Sit back, relax

Get Started Now!

The market is ready for your property. All it takes is hiring us so we can sell it well or get you earning from hassle-free letting.

Secure Sale

We ensure a secure business and tenancy.


We are a sales hub, and maintenance centre.

Max Benefits

We promise excellent sales and profit for property owners.


You can trust us to do everything. Sit back, relax

How It works

Regional Homes is a company of experts in property sales and leasing. We have perfected a seamless system of streamlining and optimizing your property and how to maximize its capacity in satisfying tenants.

Contact Us

The first thing you need to do is talk to us. Tell us if you are selling or letting, and we’ll do the rest.

Expert Matching

We are experts in matching the right seller-buyer and let-tenant. We will find you the best payer.


We will help you throughout the entire process. We will oversee legal sale and manage the tenancy.