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Eviction is a Hassle We Eliminate

Our team of experts will represent you in all aspects of eviction. We will communicate to the tenant, attend legal proceedings, and complete all of the needed paperwork for property recovery – no more hassle for you. You do not have to do the manual work for eviction. All you need is to talk to us and we can show you how we will take the burden from you.

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Convenient Landlord Services ​


Are you having a stressful time recovering your property from a problematic tenant? Let us remove the burden off your plate. We’ll do everything for you.


Diplomatic arrangement

Clear Communication

We will ensure that your client knows your rules, regulations, and eviction procedures before tenancy and communicate eviction notices the right way.


Legal proceedings

Landlord Safety

Hire our eviction service to ensure that you are taking legal precautions and actions when recovering your property from a tenant.


Effective recovery

Uncomplicated Eviction

All you have to do is contact us and hire our eviction service. You can trust our expertise in legal proceedings to accomplish proper eviction.

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Professional Landlord Eviction Services for Your Convenience

Eviction can be complicated. With our expertise in eviction regulations, you will be able to recover your property from an unwanted situation effectively.

Expert Management Advice Now!

We can prepare your tenancy agreement with an outlook on possible issues. Hire us even before a complex eviction process comes about.

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Eviction Issue Mitigation

Our full landlord service ensures the prevention of the escalation of evictions so that when property recovery is necessary, you get what you need quick and easy.

We Guide You Through the Process

We always look out for you. Contact us or visit our local offices for eviction advise and assistance. Our property recovery experts are always glad to help.

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Efficient Tenant Assessment

We are your all-around tenant management agency. We market your property to tenants and screen interested applicants with utmost care. We only choose the person who values the kind of home you are offering the most to ensure living satisfaction for your client and earning satisfaction for you.

Complete Tenant Management

The Regional Homes team offers professional and streamlined services and aims for an excellent landlord-tenant relationship. With our services, you can be assured that tenants will have a pleasant living experience in your home and will trust and abide by your regulations.

Efficient Evictions

Legal provisions and regulations concerning eviction can be complicated. There are many red flags to avoid and traps that can cause you to be penalized.

Legislations can also change at any time which complicates things further. Some laws are applicable for lettings that operated in past dates but are inapplicable today and vice versa.

You don’t have to get lost in the legal conduit. You can depend on our agency to ensure safe and legal evictions.

We are regularly updated with the latest developments in property regulations and processes necessary for getting tenants in and out of your property.

Our complete property management service includes the operation, oversight, control, and maintenance of your letting.

With our professional tenancy management expertise, we will effectively market your rental property, tend to your tenant inquiries, audit interested applicants, pick suitable candidates, prepare all the paperwork, accomplish mandated inspections, move the tenant into the home, and do all the billing work.

Our agency will tend to maintenance needs, provide complete accounting, and report to you any relevant information about your letting.

Life is uncertain, and this is true for everyone, including your tenants. Even if you ensure that your tenants are properly screened, informed with agreements, managed, and satisfied, there is always the chance that a bad situation will turn them into bad payers or troublesome clients.

If you have any major problem with your tenant, you have the right to implement an eviction to recover your property. You have to take action as fast as possible before unpaid rent piles up, and situations become complicated.

To make it quick and easy, hire Regional Homes Ltd. Our agency has a team of experts in eviction laws and processes that can troubleshoot your eviction setbacks.

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Having a hard time evicting bad tenants?


Evictions can take too much of your time. We will keep the burden off of your plate with our fast and secure eviction service.

As a landlord, you know how tenant management can be a tedious process, and you have many things to worry about. You don’t have to add eviction to your list of to-dos anymore when you hire Regional Homes.

We keep you away from the time-consuming and stressful process of dealing with bad tenants and trying to get them off of your home.

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    We Mitigate Eviction Problems

    Our landlord services have an outlook on potential issues, solving them before they happen.



    We screen applicants and ensure clarity of agreements to avoid complications.



    The right tenant enjoying excellent services will least likely be a problem.


    Tenant care

    We are always prepared for any requests. Visit our local offices or call us.


    Smooth eviction

    With clear agreements and contracts, it will be easy to implement legal action.

    No more Tenant Problems, Stress, or Complex Disputes.

    Having tenant issues?

    You can talk to us, and we will give you expert advice and services. We can take the pains of long eviction processes off your table.

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    When evicting a tenant after a fixed term ends, communicate with a Section 21 notice if you want the property back.

    Send a Section 8 notice if a tenant has broken your contract or terms of the tenancy.

    Request the court for a standard possession order when your tenant owes you rent and does not leave by the specified date on the notice.

    Apply for an accelerated possession order if there is no unpaid rent involved.

    If your tenant still does not leave, you can apply for a warrant for possession. With the order, bailiffs can automatically remove the tenant from your property.

    Section 8 notice or S8 is a requirement if you wish to obtain a possession order from the court to end a tenancy.

    A tenancy may also be ended via a possession order using a section 21 notice.

    The section 21 notice is used shorthold tenancy while section 8 notice can be for any assured tenancy.

    With a section 21 notice, the landlord is not required to give any reason for eviction, whereas, with a section 8 notice, the landlord must have a statutory ground.

    There are 17 grounds for eviction that can solicit a Section 8 notice. You can seek to regain possession of your property before a tenancy term ends based on any of those grounds.

    Your tenancy agreement (AST) must include an express obligation that requires your tenant to remove their belongings from your property at the end of a tenancy. Your contract should explain what you can do as a landlord with possessions that are left in your property.

    When you are trying to get rid of a left property, you must effectively locate the tenant and send them an S21 notice.

    There are technical requirements as to the content of your notice, and the following is a list of what you must indicate in your S21.

    • Your name and address
    • Description and schedule of items
    • Details of where the belongings are stored
    • Specified reasonable time limit by which collection must be done (minimum of 21 days)
    • Statement of what you will do with the items upon failure to collect
    • If there you will sell them, state the date and location of the sale
    • A confirmation that sales proceeds will cover storage or sale costs

    After serving the S21, if your ex-tenant still fails to collect the belongings within the reasonable period given, the goods are considered as abandoned and you can do what you intend to do to the items.

    If a tenant owes you rent while claiming Universal Credit or Housing Benefit, you can get the rent paid straight to you as managed payments.

    If your tenant is benefiting from Universal Credit, you can apply for managed payment via the Department for Work and Pensions.

    If your tenant is getting Housing Benefit, you can contact the local council.