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Our team of expert tenancy managers will enhance your letting business. We are experts in making your property secure and safe, ensuring excellent management and unfailing maintenance.

We will take away the burden of having to constantly check on your property by doing all of the landlord work for you.

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Are you finding it tiresome to process and implement the management and maintenance of your property for letting? Leave it to us.


We cover all aspects

Property Management

We will acquire all the legal requirements for fire safety, environmental performance, gas safety, electricity safety, business permits, and others.


Customer service

Property Maintenance

We ensure tenant satisfaction by actively tending to their maintenance needs and emergencies. Our customer service line is always open to satisfy.


Property recovery support

Eviction Services

Evictions can be a hassle with its legal processes and bureaucracies. Leave the work to us and we will release your property from unwanted bindings.

landlord services

Removing Management Headaches

Our Landlord Services will do all the work for you, including the preparation of your property, marketing, choosing tenants, and managing the entire process while you profit.

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We ensure secure tenancy in your space through excellent management and maintenance. We make the living condition in your property safe to ensure consistent profit for you.

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We Do Everything in Your Behalf

We do everything that an excellent landlord must do to ensure legal, secure, and stable tenancy and sustainable leasing that will provide consistent, effortless profit.

We Cover All Costs

We make it easy for you by doing the accounting. You’ll never have to go through receipts, vouchers, and spreadsheets. Spend more time in other essential businesses.

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We Do the Customer Care for You

When you hire our landlord service, we actively implement excellent administration and supervision over your tenants and their living experience. Our service is geared towards mitigating unwanted turnovers by fostering a professional but comfortable landlord-tenant relationship.

Financial Management

We make letting convenient by eliminating the need for you to manually calculate maintenance and operation costs and categorize bills and vouchers. We process every aspect of accounting for you, and all you have to do is give us the job.

Complete Landlord Service

Property preparation, compliance acquisition, paperwork, upgrading appliances, refurbishment, tenant management, constant maintenance requests, rental collection, and accounting can be time-consuming hassles.

The bulk of work that a landlord has to do can spread a property owner too thin that the quality of the business can suffer.

Hand the keys to us – landlord work is our profession and expertise. Many property owners are not specialized for the technicals of letting and we are here to do the job.

Legislations about leasing regularly change, and it could be hard for you as a landlord to keep on complying with new regulations and technicalities.

Our landlord service keeps your letting’s legitimacy intact by automatically updating your property’s papers in compliance with current guidelines.

We find ways so that you can continually operate and earn even when rules change. We ensure that you are always authorized to let your property.

People trust Regional Homes Ltd., and many come to us seeking to rent a space in Birmingham and Wolverhampton.

We have deployed professional property marketers in local offices where potential tenants seek our representation and advice. We also have a vast list of prospective tenants inquiring online about spaces.

When you enlist in our full letting and landlord services, we will market you to people searching for properties and find the right tenant who will pay the best price.

We are experts in matching properties and people. We look into the ideals and requirements of a potential customer and find the right space that will satisfy.

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Having trouble managing your tenants?


Finding potential customers, evaluating tenants, managing their requests, continually attending to maintenance services, and collecting rent can be a pain to do, especially when you are not a property management professional.

Let us do the job for you. We will optimize your letting business from planning to implementation, management, and collection. We know that the right tenant who gets the right service will be satisfied with your space and stay for longer. We will minimize your turnovers and ensure consistent profitability.

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    We Guarantee Efficient and Effective Letting Operation.

    All you need to do is hire our landlord service, and we will ensure excellent letting profitability.



    We evaluate your property and prepare all legal and standard requirements.



    We market your property and find the right tenants who will pay the right price.



    We are always available for any needs in our local offices and on the phone.



    We categorize, bill, collect and account for you. All you need to do is wait.

    No More Chasing Rent, Hassle, or Mountains of Paperwork.

    Do you need landlord services?

    We aim to make letting easy for you. Talk to us to learn about how a partnership with us can help you maximize your time and profits in a letting business.

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    Most frequent questions and answers

    Yes, you are required to have an Energy Performance Certificate, and you should have a minimum standard rating.

    In line with updated government regulations, almost every property that is offered for rent from October 1, 2008, is required to have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC).

    A prospective tenant must be given access to the EPC upon request. 

    Starting in April 2020, landlords are disallowed from continuing to let domestic private rented property with a poor EPC rating.

    When you hire Regional Homes, we will take care of getting you an EPC for authorized letting.

    According to common law, a landlord has to ensure that a let property is safe. Failure to comply with safety regulations is considered a criminal offence.

    Inability to apply safety protocols for your let property will result in legal action and prosecution.

    Landlords and property owners must provide tenants and prospective buyers with a legitimate gas electricity safety certificate, safety certificate, and energy performance certificate.

    These certificates can be time-consuming and a hassle to comply. Hire our landlord service, and you can say goodbye to the mountains of paperwork needed for you to let.

    The Furniture and Furnishings (Fire Safety) Regulations strictly impose standards for property letting.

    Soft furnishings like sofas, mattresses, cushions, bed bases and padded headboards must comply with fire resistance standards.

    Furniture and furnishings must bear a permanent label confirming compliance with fire safety regulations. If an item doesn’t have proof of compliance, it must be removed from the property and replaced.

    Also, property for letting must have standard policy smoke detectors.

    Failure to comply with fire safety protocols will result in a penalty of up to £5,000 and 6 months imprisonment per offence. Penalties can be worse in the case of injury or fatality.

    Regional Homes is a team of experts in safety regulations. We will ensure that your property is safe and legal for letting.

    Yes, you can let a leasehold property.

    However, you must obtain written consent from your mortgage provider and the freeholder.

    You must notify your insurance company that the property is to be rented out as the company may impose restrictions on the tenancy.

    Letting a leasehold property has many complex technicalities, and it can be hard to untangle legal processes and intricacies.

    Hire Regional Homes services, and our team will handle all the bureaucracies required for preparing a leasehold property for authorized letting.

    Since October of 2015, carbon monoxide alarms have become a legal requirement for all rented residential accommodations. They are required to be installed in rooms with solid fuel appliances. 

    Carbon monoxide detectors are also mandated for any houses in multiple occupations (HMOs), including shared houses and bedsits.

    Failure to comply can lead to a civil penalty of up to £5,000.