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Property Management

Customer Service is at the forefront of our management service. Our experienced property management team provide advice and pro-active support to landlords, property owners and investors encompassing a range of on-going activities including income management, lease compliance and asset maintenance.
Income Management
Lease Compliance
Tenant Relationship Management
Regulatory Compliance
Property Maintenance
Utilities Management
Regional Homes

Our full property management service includes all of the following:

Free rental assessments
Advice and support
Management of utilities
Rent collection and arrears
Photographic and written check in and check out inventory
Client accounting and reports
Tenant relationship management
Keeping you compliant and in line with legislation
Organise and return of deposits condition to the property being returned in a satisfactory condition
Regulated members of UKALA and the Property Redress Scheme
Free marketing of your property
Background checks on tenants
Compliant agreements
Regular inspections to ensure your property is kept in good condition
Assisting in sourcing contractors for maintenance related issues
Any administration required as correspondence between tenant and landlord and/ or landlords request
To act as arbitrators in the event of a dispute arising between tenant and landlord
Look to find new suitable tenants prior to expiry of existing tenancy
Regional Homes

We also offer a Let Only service which includes:

Rental evaluation
Advertising and marketing your property
Advice and support
Preparation of compliant tenancy agreements
Why Choose Us

A Complete Property Management Service

Regional Homes provides a range of letting and management services based on the experience, skills and expertise of our lettings team. You can be assured that we have a detailed understanding of the lettings and management sector and will ensure that you are given the best possible service.

Over the last few years and, following the introduction of the 1988 Housing Act which offers greater protection and possession rights to Landlords, there has been a resurgence in the lettings market. People from all walks of life are looking to become involved in the rental market, whether investors, companies, people who need to relocate with their work, or homeowners who are having difficulty in selling their own properties.

Owning rental properties can be costly in 2019 and the right property management company can make all the difference. Our goal at Regional Homes is to protect your investment, minimize costs and maximize your income without interrupting your daily activity.

Contact Regional Homes or pop into one of our high street branches to discover how we can not only manage your property portfolio, but optimise profits!

Property Management

The most popular of our management services is Regional Home’s Fully Managed package providing the highest level of service for both you as Landlords and the tenant. Tenants who receive good services from the agent generally tend to stay longer in the property. This gives you the Landlord more stability, less rent void periods.
Find/Shortlist Tenants
Find/Shortlist Tenants
We have a waiting list of prospective clients looking for properties just like yours, across the Midlands region.
Local High Street Offices
Local High Street Offices
Local and office based Property Manager on hand to visit your property should the need arise.
Unrivalled Client Service
Unrivalled Client Service
Our team is available in our office and on the phone to provide advice or to answer any queries you may have in person.
We Manage the Entire Process
We Manage the Entire Process
Our team handles every aspect of preparing, renting, and stress free experience for our clients.
Legal Guidance
Legal Guidance
Landlord legislation keeps changing. We stay ahead of this, keeping you up to date and therefore reducing your risk.
Expert Property Managers
Expert Property Managers
Over 10 years experience in the local area, ensuring you achieve the best terms and rates possible.

EPC Government Regulation

Note: That in line with new government regulations, virtually every property offered for rent from October 1st 2008, MUST HAVE an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) Any prospective tenant must, upon request, be given access to the EPC. JULY 16 2008. Please note that in line with new government regulations, virtually every property offered for rent from October 1st 2008, MUST HAVE an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC).

From 1 April 2018, landlords of “domestic private rented property” (i.e. residential property) or “non-domestic private rented property” (i.e. commercial property), are unable to grant new leases of properties without a minimum EPC rating of E: F and G rated properties are “substandard”. There are also restrictions on continuing to let substandard properties in the near future…

BUT the restriction on continuing to let property applies earlier for residential property.

Landlords are prohibited from continuing to let domestic private rented property with a commercial property substandard EPC rating from 1 April 2020; it is 1 April 2023 for substandard commercial property.


The landlord is responsible for the EPC.
Regional Homes will be happy to arrange for the EPC to be carried out.
Please speak to one of our lettings staff about this.
We can arrange Legionella Certificates.
Gas & Electric Certificates.

Contact our team on 0121 285 3650 / 01902 283 380

What you Need to Know

The rental market as with any other is competitive therefore, in order to obtain the best possible tenants, you must present your property in the most effective way.
Interior walls should be neutral colours and carpets plain.
Fabrics and Furnishings (if any) must comply with The Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations 1998 and should be able to withstand reasonable wear and tear.
Animals and their odours should be eliminated.
The front door should be clean and the entrance hall clear of any obstructions as first impressions are important The entire property should be clean, well-aired and the garden tidy.
If the weather is cold, heating should be turned on and, in warmer conditions, windows opened.
For any other advice contact your agent.
Other important considerations for landlords before letting.
Written consent must be obtained from your mortgage provider and the freeholder if property is leasehold.
Your insurance company must be notified that the property is to be rented out, as they may impose restrictions on the tenancy, which the agent will need to be aware. Appropriate insurance needs to be obtained for a tenanted property.
There are specialist insurance companies who can provide this and we would be happy to advise you.
The Inland Revenue must also be informed within 6 months of letting your property, flat or apartment in the UK and failure to do so will incur penalties, interest and other consequences. The Inland Revenue is apt to deal harshly with Landlords who do not declare rental income and it is always best to seek advice on tax planning and Capital Gains Tax from a fully qualified accountant.
Mail should be redirected with the Post Office.
Further copies of keys will need to be provided, depending on the number of tenants, if you have management agents acting for you.
Utilities such as gas, electricity, water and Council Tax will need to be transferred to the new tenant.
A professional inventory must be drawn up. This is an important legal document which forms an integral part of the tenancy agreement and, as such, it is a false economy to prepare your own in most cases.
A professional inventory is required whether the property to let is furnished or unfurnished and accurate descriptions of the condition of wall and floor coverings, kitchen and bathroom fittings to name but a few, are essential. Amounts cannot be withheld from the tenant’s deposit unless the loss or damage is proved to have been caused by the tenant.
In the event that any dispute concerning loss or damage to your property is not amicably resolved then the matter will be referred to the courts and arbitration.

Market / Finding a Tenant

You will need to decide whether you require your agent to simply market your property and find a tenant or whether you would prefer to engage the services of their managing agents.
Whether you choose to opt for a managing agent or not, Regional homes as your letting agent, will firstly provide colour property details and a rental valuation which will be based on the popularity of the area, proximity to transport, rental price of similar properties handled and decorative condition to name but a few.
It is important to set your rent fairly but realistically in order to attract the most suitable tenant.

Legal Duty of Care

Under common law, the landlord must ensure that properties to let are safe and failure to comply with safety legislation is considered a criminal offence resulting in legal action and prosecution.
It is advisable that every landlord and property owner can provide their tenants or prospective buyers with a valid gas safety certificate, electricity safety certificate and an energy performance certificate.

Furniture and Furnishings

The Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety)Regulations 1988 (amended 1989 & 1993).
Soft furnishings (such as mattresses, sofas, bed bases, cushions and padded headboards) must meet fire resistance standards and bear a permanent label confirming this. If compliance cannot be proved, the item must be removed and replaced.

Smoke Detectors

Whilst only properties built after 1992 legally require the fitting of smoke detectors (Building Regulation 1991), we would strongly recommend that smoke detectors are fitted on each floor of the property being let.
NB: The penalty for failure to comply with statutory safety legislation is currently a maximum of £5,000 and/or 6 months imprisonment for each offence. This can be harsher in the case of injury or fatality. The above is only a guide to the legal safety requirements and should you have any further enquiries, we would recommend that you contact a qualified solicitor who will be able to verify these in full.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

From the 1st October 2015, it is a legal requirement that all rented residential accommodation have installed carbon monoxide alarms in rooms with a solid fuel appliance. These are also required for any houses in multiple occupation (HMOs), such as shared houses and bedsit. This again is a legal requirement that all landlords must abide by as failing to comply can lead to a civil penalty being imposed of up to £5,000.
If this is something you do not have installed in your property, please feel free to contact Regional Homes and we’ll be more than happy to assist you with this.

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