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Too Busy to Manage Your Letting?

Our team of property management and maintenance, and marketing experts will do the job for you. Thousands of people trust our expertise in providing excellent homes for rent, and we ensure profits for you and a livable home for your tenants. You can open your property up for rental without the hassle – just talk to us and we will tell you how we can help you earn conveniently.

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Excellent Letting Services ​


Are you finding it troublesome to do all the property preparation and management for your let? We are experts who will make things easy.


We do everything

Appraisal & Preparation

We will evaluate your property, comply with legal requirements, improve what needs to be fixed, and prepare it to be worthy for a great let.


Streamlined Process

Excellent Marketing

We are a team of expert managers who will take care of your marketing and advertising your property to the right prospects.


Landlord Support

Complete Assistance

We will help you all the way in your letting business. We are management and maintenance experts that will see to it that your property is excellent for profit.

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We Make Letting A Property Convenient and Easy

When you hire our full service, we will prepare your property for letting, market it, evaluate tenants, and manage the whole process while you wait for returns.

Let Your Property the Right Way!

We believe that comfortable tenants tend to be excellent payers. Satisfied clients stay longer in your property which gives you continuous returns.

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No More Troublesome Paperwork

Our full letting service includes the appraisal, restoration, enhancing, compliance, legal matters, authorisation, marketing, tenant evaluation, maintenance, and management for you.

We Make Your Property Rent-Worthy

We will ensure that your property has the required necessities for excellent living. We can supply you with all systems, hardware, and services to make your home complete.

Let’s Talk About Your Let

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Complete Letting Management and Marketing

Our team of property management and maintenance experts always look into how we could improve your property for excellent letting. Secure preparation and smart marketing will always result in improved returns.

Streamlined Management

We do all the categorisation of costs and bills, ensuring that the proper receipts and vouchers account for the right side of the equation. When you hire our letting agency, we will manage your leasing business with streamlined efficiency.

Your Expert Partner in Convenient Letting

Our expert letting services will make your property liveable and rent worthy for people who are looking for a decent home to live in.

We will see to it that all compliances are acquired, and all letting standards are accomplished before we market your space.

Regional Homes will maintain your property, manage your tenants, and do the rental collection for your convenience.

Our comprehensive catalogue of residential properties is proof that homeowners who are sletting their properties trust our services.

Enlist in Regional Homes. so that we can find you the best-paying renter that will give an ideal return.

Send us your details below or visit our local offices in Birmingham and Wolverhampton. We will assist you in preparing your property for your ideal income goal.

We ensure that properties we promote for letting are rent-worthy. Various landlords have subscribed to our letting service.

Our process ensures that your tenants will have comfortable spaces for reasonable costs, ensuring that the properties leased through our agency have the highest living standards and comply with legal compliances that provide a secure living.

We actively maintain and manage your property for a consistently comfortable living condition.

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Are you having trouble preparing your property?


Getting the right paperwork, acquiring accreditation, going through all the legal bureaucracies, and refurbishings can be time-consuming and hard to do, especially when you are not an expert in property management. Let us do the job. We will optimise your letting business from preparation to implementation, intervention, and collection. We know that a properly prepared property is the basis for excellent leasing for tenants to stay for longer, which results in consistent, convenient earnings for you.

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    We Guarantee Hassle-Free Letting

    All you need to do is register your property for us to give you an excellent full letting service.


    Evaluate and Prepare

    We appraise your property and prepare all the essential requirements.


    Market and Match

    We will market your properties and find excellent-paying tenants for you.


    Manage and Maintain

    We do all of the maintenance and tenant management for excellent letting.


    Collection and Accounting

    We do all of the money matters, and all you need to do is receive.

    Lease with ease - no more paperwork, no more hassle

    Is your property ready for letting?
    We know what you need to have a rent-worthy home. We are experts in making the best out of any property. All you have to do is contact us.

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    The average prices for rent in the city of Birmingham can range anywhere from 300 pcm to 800pcm. The prices greatly vary depending on size, closeness to urban centers, and quality.

    When looking out to rent in the city of Birmingham, you have to look for spaces that have complied with the government’s legal requirements and safety standards.

    Lets under our agency, Regional Homes, are ensured with the highest standards of livability.

    When property owners hire us, we do everything required to make their property rent-worthy.

    The prices for flat rentals in Wolverhampton can range from around 200 pcm to 750 pcm, depending on the quality of the space, its proximity to basic services, and its size. 

    If you are looking to earn from a dormant property, one of the best ways is to rent it out or let it. This way, you earn money from virtually nothing, and you will still keep the property as your own.

    When you plan to let your property, there are many things you have to consider including the livability standards of your space, your legal authorisation to run a letting business, safety standards, and compliances.

    These are on top of the incoming burden of managing your tenants, providing maintenance service, having to collect rent tediously, and the troubles of accounting.

    Make things easy by giving all the work to our expert team of property managers.

    People rent a flat that has the proper compliances, and a tried and tested customer service program.

    If you are letting, ensure that the building you will rent out has the proper fire-safety and disaster-ready authorisations from the government.

    Check for excellent plumbing and waste management, and efficient electricity and connectivity set-ups.

    In short, prepare your property with evidence that it is a home where you can live securely and comfortably.

    With Regional Homes Ltd., you can be sure that these requirements mentioned above are ticked. Also, our letting managers will actively maintain your living space and enhance your technologies when necessary.

    Our goal is to have an excellent relationship with tenants so that we can satisfy their needs promptly.

    Tenants bounce because of lousy management and maintenance. Unsatisfied tenants will look for better options because nobody wants to live in a mismanaged house.

    When the cost of rent places a living expectation that is unmet due to tardy customer service and low-quality management, tenants will find better places to live in.

    Most often, when people leave due to dissatisfaction, they leave a bad review which can destroy a landlord’s or space’s reputation, which will discourage new tenants from coming in.

    Turnovers happen most often when tenants are unsatisfied with the management, maintenance service, and quality improvement that a landlord applies to a property.

    A high turnover rate is an indication of lousy letting, and constant in-and-outs can be wasteful of resources.

    When tenants keep on turning over on your property, you would have to keep on complying with new paperwork, re-preparing your space, and remarketing. These cost time and money, and if you can’t keep a tenant for returns, your earnings will be negative.

    To avoid this, all you have to do is make your space an excellent home for your tenants. The easiest way to do so is by hiring our letting agency.