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Our team of property marketer and match making specialists will do the job for you. Thousands of people trust our expertise in providing excellent returns for sellers and livable, worthy homes for buyers. We are the No.1 trusted real estate company in Birmingham, Sandwell and Wolverhampton and we can sell your property to the right person, for the right price.

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Are you finding it hard to find the right buyer for your property? We make it easy with our professional services.


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We will appraise and evaluate every property and assist in preparing it to be worthy of an excellent sale. Just send us your details.


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When you hire our agency, we will do everything necessary for you to complete your property sale. All you need to do is contact us.


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We will do all the business between you and your buyer. All you have to do is register your property with us, and we’ll do the sale

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When you hire our services, we will appraise your property and assist you in reaching your selling goals. We can maximise your property’s earning potential.

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Living spaces are always in demand, and somewhere in the market, someone is looking for a property just like yours. We can bring that person home to your sale.

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We work fast! We have experts deployed in our local offices where buyers can find your sale in their property search. We appraise, market, match, and do the selling for you.

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Our property catalogue has a comprehensive range of properties which is testament to the myriad of owners who trust our effective property marketing and matching. If you have a property for sale, then we can help you.

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Excellent Marketing

We are expert matchmakers who will find you the best-paying buyer in the market. Don’t trouble yourself with ineffective and time-consuming customer searching. We do your sale efficiently and effectively – no more hard work for you.

Hassle-Free Property Selling

We do everything that selling your property entails. We assist in the preparing and marketing of your property, and match it with the highest paying sellers. Our goal is to make selling homes easy and convenient for you.

Complete Property Sales Services

Our expert property sales and marketing services will find you a buyer that will give you the best returns.

We will help you ensure that the condition of the space you are selling matches the profit goals that you have set.

Regional Homes will do all the business between sellers and buyers for your convenience.

Join our comprehensive catalogue of residential properties that is trusted by thousands of property searchers.

Regional Homes Ltd. has access to various clients, and we can find you the best buyer who will pay the most reasonable price for your home.

You can send us your details or visit any of our local offices, and we will assist you in your marketing and beyond.

We have a dedicated customer service team that will ensure that you are getting the best advice and assistance in every step of your sale.

We are experts in property development and management and we can help you improve your sale. You can consult us when it comes to increasing your property’s value.

When your property is profit-ready, with our services, you will be able to market the home efficiently with our expert match-making system. We will find the right person who values your property the most and will pay for it with the right price.

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Are you having trouble finding a buyer?


Many individuals who are trying to sell their homes do not have the right tools and strategies to ensure maximum profitability. They often end up making a sale for less than a property’s potential.

When you hire the services of Regional Homes Ltd., you avoid selling your home to the wrong entity. We scour the market for individuals who value the type and condition of your property. The right person will always pay the best price, and we can match that individual with your sale for excellent returns.

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    With us, you just register your property, and we will do all the work in finding the perfect buyer.


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    We appraise your property and guide you through the sales process.


    Assist and Prepare

    We help you match your property’s condition with your sales goals.


    Market and Match

    We market your property and find the buyer who will pay the ideal price.


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    We do everything for you. All you need to do is register and wait.

    Your Property Sold for the Best Price Without the Hassle.

    Do you need expert property sales advice?

    We are 2020’s Best independent Estate Agency in the West Midlands. Talk to us, and we will give you what you need.

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    The average cost for property in Birmingham is £191,034 (August 2020). It has decreased by 2.22% since May and 11.61% since 2019.

    Flats in Birmingham sell for an average estimate of £146,203 while terraced houses sell for £152,070. 

    While these prices can potentially earn you money when you sell your home, there still are technicalities that you can apply to have more returns.

    If your sales objective is to add significant value and earn bigger, you have to improve your property’s technology, design, architecture, and overall appeal.

    When you hire the services of Regional Homes, you won’t have to go through the process alone, and you’ll benefit from expert advice and assistance.

    Make it easy with our agency.

    The average cost for property in Wolverhampton is £190,452 (August 2020). It has decreased by 1.30% since May and 5.86% since 2019.

    Flats in Birmingham sell for an average estimate of £119,344 while terraced houses sell for £128,443.

    If you are planning to buy a house in Wolverhampton, you will be able to find many great options and other types of homes.

    The best way to do a top property search to find your ideal home is by visiting the Regional Homes office located along Cannock Road in Wednesfield.

    Our experts will represent you and assist you with your queries and purchasing needs. We will be with you throughout your purchasing journey.

    While Birmingham is a metropolitan area, the second city has a significantly less high priced living than in the capital.

    It is located in the West Midlands where accessibility meets a low cost of living, which makes it an ideal place of settlement.

    When compared to London, the cost of living in Birmingham is significantly cheaper with rent at least 33% less than that of the capital.

    It is estimated that with around £3,113.60 in Birmingham, you will be able to have the same quality of life as having £4,700.00 in London.

    Birmingham is one of the cities in the UK that has a booming housing market.

    If you’re looking for your ideal home in Birmingham, you are on the right page. We have a rich catalogue of houses for sale in the city.

    Wolverhampton has recently ranked as the best place to live in Britain. The city scored top marks for all categories in the Provident’s Unbroken Britain Communities survey in 2018.

    Wolverhampton and Birmingham have comparable average net incomes at above the £1,700.00 mark.

    It is estimated that with around £2,616.00 in Wolverhampton, you will be able to have the same quality of life as having £3,113.60 in Birmingham.

    Commodities in Wolverhampton are 15.61% lower than in Birmingham with rentals almost half the price.

    The Midlands is an area in central England spanning the eastern geographic counties and the western industrial cities, including Birmingham and Wolverhampton. 

    Counties and cities in this area have a relatively low cost of living in contrast with other urban centres. 

    There are many historic and scenic landscapes and amenities in the Midland region. It also houses many of England’s environmental assets, with its rich coal, iron and limestone deposits. 

    In particular, it is an ideal place to settle because of its accessibility, activity, low cost of living and a healthy local economy.

    It is an abundant area and an ideal living place.