Removing the hassle
of Property Letting

Our goal is to make letting easy and efficient for you.
We will manage your compliance, fix your issues,
and deal with your tenants. We ensure complete
customer service both for you and your clients to
maximise comfort and profit.

Talk to us for an upgrade.

You could be losing money to come-and-go tenants, and poor standards and maintenance could be the reason. It’s time for you to upgrade your letting journey and we can help you.


Your Property can do More.

Having trouble with tenants?

Unsatisfied tenants tend to leave, and frequent turnover can be costly. Late payers also disrupt cash flow resulting in many setbacks. We will manage your clients for you.

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No time for paperwork?

Regulatory compliance can be tedious and time-consuming. Don’t waste your efforts and leave this job to the experts. Our professional team will ensure you are cleared to operate.

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Stressed about management?

Property management is a crucial part of being a landlord, but it can be troublesome. We will deal with rent collection, tenant maintenance, and we will keep your clients happy.

Need help with your letting?

This is the best time to start managing your property the right way.
You can start upgrading with us today.


Leave it to us.

When you hire us, we will do everything.
We will prepare your property, plan your
income, and secure all certifications of
compliance to operate.

We do theĀ  marketing, tenant management and
maintenance for you.

We make letting easy for you. Regional
Homes is here to simplify your property
letting efforts. The entire process
is managed on your behalf - so no
more sweat, tears and late

Regional Homes is a full-service,
one-stop-shop letting agency.
We are experts in ensuring you are maximising
profit from your property.

Need better management?

Management can be laborious and time-consuming.
Let experts handle that for you.

Effective Property Marketing

We do the advertising for you, and we ensure you
get the right tenants.

Premium Services

We optimize all facets, from assessment to inspection,
repair, and even dispute.

We do the heavy lifting for you.

Our expert managers have
unrivaled experience that
will upgrade your letting business.

We provide the best service for both you as a landlord and your tenants. We ensure excellent services for your clients so that they stay longer, satisfied, in your property.

We aim for high turnover and ensure stable profits for you. Our goal is to keep your tenants happy so that you can earn effectively. All of these you can have stress-free.

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Having a hard time? We make letting easy!

We will do everything to make your place liveable,
including, certifications, marketing, and management.

Maximize your

Hire us, and we will ensure that our
services are worth it. We want you
to earn from your property.

Let with ease.

We will take care of,repairs,
maintenance, and even
emergencies. All you need to do is
hire us and we will do all the work.


Birmingham Office

274 High Street, Smethwick, B66 3NL

Wolverhampton Office

1 the parade, Cannock road, Wednesfield,
Wolverhampton, WV10 8PZ

We guarantee landlord and tenant satisfaction.

We excellently manage your property for
consistent tenancy and steady profit.

We Upgrade You Let

Our expert property managers have extensive experience in sales and letting of residential and commercial properties. Access professional advice and services from us.

Most Preferred Agency

Landlords choose us to make their properties ready for the market. People seeking to rent come to us, knowing we prepare properties to the highest standards.

Time-Saving Service

As soon as you hire us, we will do all of the nitty-gritty for you. You don’t have to spend time and effort in repairs, maintenance, tenant relations, and regulations.

Your Letting Partner

We put customer service at our core. We aim to give your tenants the best experience in your property, so that your Tenant’s stay for longer…

No more chasing rent, hassle, or mountains of paperwork.

Are You Ready for an Upgrade?

Our team is ready for you. Talk to us and start making
your property tenant-ready and profitable.


Many crucial factors will determine the optimum cost or rent that you can charge. These factors are driven mainly by the local market conditions, including supply & demand, and current competition.

Also, many other things can influence the amount of rent that your home will yield. These factors include your property’s interior and exterior condition, upgrades, amenities, location in the community, and its curb appeal.

It can be troublesome to calculate how much rent you can let your house for. The many complicated factors can overwhelm you.

When you hire our service, you won’t need to go through the trouble of calculating the rent for your property. We will do everything for you. All you have to do is register your property with us, and we will give the optimum profit that you can have.

As the homeowner, you will be responsible for all maintenance and repair costs of your property. However, there are a few exceptions for specific amenities.

Tenants are responsible for any damage they cause that is beyond normal wear and tear. They will, of course, also pay for consumable items.

When you register to our service, our team of experts will review everything for you. We will ensure that your rented house will be at tip-top shape, and we will determine who pays for what.

We will categorize every contractor invoice on your property to ensure that charges are distributed correctly. We will make sure the right person is paying for the proper repair or maintenance service.

Your tenants have constant access to our customer service. When they report emergency repairs and maintenance, we will assess the situation and determine whether the emergency needs immediate attention and service.

If so, we will dispatch contractors to solve their problems as soon as possible. However, if it can wait until regular business hours, we will respectfully convince your tenant to wait.

Our core is customer service, both for you and your tenant. When your client is happy, they stay in your property longer, and you keep your profits. Part of our way of making your profit is giving your tenant’s needs the proper attention.

Losing a tenant results in spending time and money on advertising and promoting your vacant property. You once again have to run background checks on new tenants. You would have to do the tedious work of doing the required administrative work to get an old tenant out and a new one in.

To avoid turnovers, you have to employ essential strategies aimed at tenant satisfaction.

You or your representative should treat your tenants well. A proactive tenant manager who responds quickly to requests will keep your renter.

A fair rate will make your place a right choice for renters.

Tenants always appreciate excellent maintenance. Always ensure they have the best experience possible in your property.

These actions, however, can take too much time. You could be like many property owners who need to spend their time in more substantial businesses.

You can hire us, and we will manage your property and tenants while you save time and effort for other matters.

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