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Our team of property marketers and match making specialists will do the job for you.  Thousands of people trust our expertise in providing excellent returns for sellers and liveable, worthy homes for buyers. We are the No.1 trusted real estate company in Birmingham, Sandwell and The Black Country and we can sell your property to the right person, for the right price.

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We appraise your property and acquire all legal and standard requirements.


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We market your property and find qualified tenants who will pay the right price.

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We organise, bill and account for you. We will send you reports and returns.

Our Property Management Services Aim For You to Profit

We have a foundation of excellence. We see to it that your tenants are happy to stay and pay. We properly manage your space for sustainable returns. We are always here for you. You can always contact us or visit our local offices. Our experts are always glad to help you with anything you need.

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Your All-in-One Property Management Agency

Property preparation, compliances, mountains of paperwork, enhancements, refurbishing, constant management  and the consequent bill and voucher categorization and accounting can take a big chunk of your precious time.

Property management is not an easy task and it is easy for you to spread yourself so thin that you miss a few things or two that can make or break a tenant’s trust.

You don’t have to worry anymore. Property management is our expertise and we can take all of the burdens from you.

We will streamline your property management and do all of the hard work while you relax and wait for consistent returns.

We do everything that is entailed by property management, including the oversight, control, operation and maintenance of your real estate or physical property.

When you hire our professional property management services, we will advertise your rental property, handle your tenant inquiries, screen interested applicants, choose the suitable candidates, prepare the lease agreement, conduct necessary inspections, move the tenant into your property and do the collection rental income.

We will coordinate all maintenance issues, supply you with complete financial statements and provide you with any relevant information regarding your property.

Talk to us and we can help you figure out what to do with your unused space. We can find a way to make it rent-worthy and provide you with revenue by putting it out for letting.

Our aim is to help individuals and families find the right home for them in Birmingham or Wolverhampton. We believe that these cities in the West Midlands are a perfect place to live.

If you have an available property within these cities, we’d be happy to talk to you and start a successful letting journey with you.

On the other hand, if you’re planning to sell your property, we can find the right person who will pay the right price.

We are real estate experts.

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Property management involves operating, controlling, maintaining and overseeing real estate or physical property.

It can be applied to commercial, residential and land real estate. The process and activity indicate the necessity for real estate to be supervised and monitored.

Property management involves the maintenance of equipment, personal property and tooling. It also covers physical capital assets used for building, repairing and maintaining end item deliverables.

Property management involves all of the systems, processes and human resources needed to supervise the life cycle of an acquired property, including acquisition, accountability, control, responsibility, utilisation, maintenance and disposition.

If you own a building, a single-family home, or multi-family building, you may hire a professional property management company for efficient letting.

Regional Homes Ltd will advertise your letting, manage your tenant inquiries, choose appropriate tenants, arrange all contracts, conduct all the required inspections, move tenants into their new home and collect the rental income.

We will handle all maintenance issues for you. Also, we will regularly give you financial reports.

There is no statutory regulation in the UK that concerns property management companies.

Residential property management institutions usually are members of the Association of Residential Letting Agents and companies are required to have a Tenancy Deposit Scheme membership.

Companies managing apartment building properties are usually members of the Association of Residential Managing Agents (ARMA), a trade association.

ARMA promotes high-quality standards for leasehold management. The association provides training, advice and guidance to its member firms.

ARMA also creates and provides guidance materials for Residents Management Companies and leaseholders.

The Furniture and Furnishings Regulations for fire safety impose significantly strict standards for firms managing properties.

Soft furnishings, including bed bases, cushions, sofas, mattresses and padded headboards must follow fire resistance regulations.

Furniture and furnishings should have a permanent label that confirms compliance with fire resistance regulations. If a piece of furniture lacks proof of compliance, it will be removed from a space and replaced with a proper one.

Rooms for let must have appropriately installed standard policy smoke detectors.

An owner or management firm that doesn’t comply with fire safety standards will be fined with up to £5,000 and penalised with a minimum of 6 months imprisonment. Injuries and fatalities resulting from non-compliance of safety protocols will have more serious legal consequences.

With Regional Homes, you can be sure that properties have complete compliances with safety laws.

Yes, you can, but you have to go through legal and bureaucratic processes. Immediate evictions must have valid reasons and go through legal proceedings.

There can be substantial penalties for landlords who evict tenants wrongfully.

The best and safest way to evict a tenant and recover your property is by hiring eviction services.

With our eviction service, Regional Homes will make the eviction process effortless for you. Just send us the details and we will save you from all of the stress and hassle.

Our full landlord service covers evictions.

Yes, we handle tenant complaints. While our services ensure that complaints are eliminated or minimised, when issues arise, our team of experts are ready to mitigate escalations by addressing problems as soon as possible.

Our professional property managers are ready for your tenants’ phone calls and they are conveniently deployed in our local offices in Birmingham and Wolverhampton.

When graveyard hour emergencies are reported to us, we will assess its urgency and act accordingly. If it is something that can wait for the next working hours, we will assure your tenant of next-day service.

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