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Are you finding it tiresome to process and implement the management and maintenance of your property for letting? Leave it to us.

Professional Rent-to-Rent

We are experts in the letting business. With our agency, your property will have high-quality maintenance and enhancements, ensuring excellent marketability.

Secure Investment

With over 1500 properties managed and 25+ years in the business, our professional rent-to-rent agency is trusted by hundreds of owners and tenants.

Effortless Profit

Doing the letting yourself can be too much of a hassle, especially if you are not a property management and marketing expert. Give the work to us.

easy and hands-free rent to rent business

Your Property is in Demand!

Earn from your property with our rent to rent investment. We ensure a legal, trustworthy and professional letting business with your property.

Thousands of people are on the lookout for homes yearly. You can easily earn from the real estate market by offering your spaces for rent with our agency.

Get Help from our  QUalified Professionals

Our R2R service guarantees you a pre-set income, ensuring that you earn from your property while retaining ownership, without the hassle of being a landlord. We will find tenants, deal with void periods and tax and chase up rent payments while guaranteeing that you will be the one to benefit from any capital growth of your property.

Complete  Care for your Professionals and your property

We do business with integrity and continuously deliver what we promise. Our agency is duly accredited with professional standards. We will deliver you an excellent R2R business that will guarantee consistent returns.

Doing business is not easy to do alone. There are mountains of permits, transactions, compliances, paperwork, legal work, marketing, management, troubleshooting and planning to accomplish, especially when the business is home letting.

People look into issues concerning safety, location, reasonable pricing, sustainability, energy efficiency and more things that you need to optimise for comfortable living.

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We Guarantee Stress-Free Profits

If you’re looking to earn from your property with ease, look no further and partner with us. 

Guaranteed Rent

We will rent out your property and use it for excellent letting business.

Legitimate Business

We complete all required authorisations and legal and safety compliances.

Hands-Off Letting

We will not bother you with any letting activities. Just receive your fixed rent.

Profitable Benefits

Our goal is to make you earn consistently from your property.

Ready for an investment?

The team at Regional Homes handpick the best investment property opportunities in the West Midlands so that you can benefit from high returns and a professional team on hand to help you navigate the way.