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Local Experts

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Experienced Professionals

Regional Homes experienced professionals to help you navigate all the options, whether this is your first rental property, or a speedy move for your convenience.
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Property Matchmaking

Regional Homes agents will help find your perfect property, & assist you from rent negotiation all the way through your tenancy.

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This tenant guide will provide you with the advice and information you need to secure the right property, deal with tenancy agreements and inventories and understand your rights and obligations as a tenant, whether you’re looking at studio apartments, flats or houses.

Securing a Property to Rent

Having found a suitable house or flat to rent, what happens next? You should begin by putting down a holding deposit in order to state your intention to rent the property and get the property off the market.


Regional Homes will be keen to make sure that you are a suitable tenant, while also making sure that you have rented a property without any major problems in the past (if this is applicable). If instructed, the letting agent will organise this, and at this point, they are likely to ask for the non-refundable holding deposit, along with your permission to conduct the relevant searches. Be aware that should you fail any of the necessary checks, you may not get your non-refundable holding deposit back. Check with the letting agent before agreeing to hand over any cash or signing any forms.
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Tenants Information Guide

If you agree all of the following documents may be requested by the letting agent:

References from previous landlords

A credit check – this will allow them to see if you have a good history of paying your bills.
Details of your employment – your employer, job title, payroll number, salary, previous employer, etc.
Also the following documentation is required from any potential tenant/guarantor for the property.

In the event that the information highlights any potential of risk to the landlord, you may be asked to provide a guarantor. A guarantor will be contractually liable, both financially and legally, should you fail to pay the rent during your tenancy or in the event of damage to the property.

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