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Evictions can be complex and stressful for Landlords and we are here to manage the process and relieve the undue stress you are experiencing.

Unfortunately, landlords are sometimes dealt an unlucky hand when it comes to tenants

Whether this be in regards to rent arrears, or the condition a property has been kept in, in most cases it simply becomes out of the landlords control. Well this shouldn’t be the case and Regional Homes are here to help you gain back control and possession of your property! With our rapid eviction service, you don’t have to wait around any longer, with our external legal team we are able to regain possession of your property efficiently. Should bailiffs be required as part of gaining possession of your property then with Regional Homes, with a no nonsense approach we will not risk further delays by instructing Country Court officers.

We will instead apply straight to a High Court Bailiff to ensure the once again, no unnecessary delays are effecting you or possession of your property ensuring to get the best possible service. Regional Homes appreciate that should a landlord be in a position to have to consider and eviction process, the it is very common that a landlord is already suffering a financial loss, therefore ensuring fair and affordable rates for this service, making the process a lot less stressful and more than achievable.

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If your tenants are causing you a problem, please give us a call at your earliest convenience to ensure you receive a fast and stress free service

We know that constantly calling up courts and understanding the legal jargon can be a big head ache and can cause stress. This can then in turn lead to forms being misunderstood, inaccurate information being given and so on. We have experienced this in the past from previous landlord who have come to us and have told us that due to this it has taken over 1 year just to gain repossession of the property. To stop this from happening we offer a rapid eviction service using our company solicitor which stops these unnecessary delays from happening with a problem turnaround of between 4 and 6 months latest. As mentioned above we take control of the full eviction process from start to finish which covers the following:
Regional Homes

Eviction Services... Let us take the stress out of your rental issues

Once given confirmation from the Landlord, Regional Homes will transfer all relevant documents onto the company solicitor. From this the company solicitors, will assess this and serve the relevant notices (Section 8/21) to the tenant if required. There will then be an application sent and processed to the courts. Once this is processed there is an option for the defendant to file a defense. The judge will then review the case. Upon review of the case, the Judge will then give a date for when the tenant needs to move out. Should the tenant then not be willing to leave on their own accord on the given date then country court or high court bailiffs (depending on what is best for the situation) are instructed to evict the tenant from the property. A lock change is then done at the property to ensure that the property is secure. Possession is attained by the landlord. If your tenants are causing you a problem, please give us a call at your earliest convenience on 0121 285 3650 to ensure you receive a fast and stress free service.

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